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Thursday, August 11, 2011

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  • h1b_slave
    12-31 04:20 PM
    I am thinking of leaving my current employer & joining the primary vendor for the client, wondering if my employer can hold back last month's salary OR how people have handled such situations.

    Thanks for your reply.

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  • hpandey
    12-30 11:56 AM
    If more than 180 days have passed since your I-140 was cleared then you can use AC21 and use your EAD to transfer your GC process to Company C if the job responsibilites are the same as in your job profile that you submitted for Company D . Your GC process will continue as usual in that case. No need to worry.

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  • wIeRdLiFe
    11-04 01:39 PM

    I have already posted this message on labor related post but no one answered.

    What is the current processing time for Labor petition?

    Also is it true that every labor application goes to Atlanta Processing Center irrespective of your home location/company location?
    This what was told by my company.

    Could you please answer my questions.

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  • ash27
    09-25 11:27 AM
    My wife is currently on H4 Visa & she currently has a TIN number. We received our EAD in mail last week. Can we apply SSN for her?


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  • DJ_Prakash
    01-26 03:54 PM
    My wife is on H4 and she is studying Masters and we already have EAD. She would like to do Internship and she still has 6 months to graduation and my question is
    1) Is there any time restrictions for people to do internship (with GC based EAD)
    2) After graduation, can she still continue with her internship (using EAD ofcourse) ?
    3) If Yes for question 2, then for how long after graduation she can be an intern

    Apreciate if someone can give feedback on this.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • pcs
    02-10 06:10 PM
    This is my experience. Make one attempt & if you get stuck hire one attorney.


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  • cooler
    12-15 12:20 PM
    IMHO, If you have a valid H1b visa, then you need to be gainfully employed to keep the visa valid and that would mean you continue to get paid. If not, then that that is a problem. Joining the 2nd company on EAD is not a problem. Coming back to the 1st company on EAD is not a problem either. If you want to keep your H!b alive/valid, then I would suggest that you port/transfer your H1b visa to the 2nd company and when you are done with him, transfer h1b back to 1st company.

    Seems like a lot of trouble to keep the h1b visa valid, but then again, that is one of the options.

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  • black_logs
    04-14 12:23 PM
    We are happy and proud to anounce that we are a 3000+ members family now. Kudos to the all the members for the hard work and perseverance. We are happy with what we have achieved so far and are confident & determined to do our best in the future. I want to quote Sunil on this

    'I can sooo clearly remember when we just got started off, and we had only couple threads on our forums. We had only 6-8 members.

    We were posting stuff on the forums just to get some content out there so people can see some activity. Hard to believe we have close to 600 threads now.

    This is something everyone should be proud of'


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  • lecter
    January 24th, 2005, 04:16 AM
    Agree. Fill flash on Animal pictures is a big goal of mine in 2005. tanzania is my big target for this practice.

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  • mzdial
    June 13th, 2004, 01:29 AM
    And all you thought I did was shoot Dphoto members!

    Most of these were shot using the new 75-300 DO that Bob let me test out. (Thanks again Bob!) I'm impressed with the lens. I may be adding it to the arsenal as a good travel lens.

    Anyways, here are my pics of our gracious model Julie:


    It was great meeting all of you that traveled to Indy in such a short, spontaneous get together.

    -- Matt


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  • vikasgarg24
    08-09 12:40 PM
    Bs+5 or masters+1 years of experience

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  • pnagar
    12-05 08:35 PM
    Guys, my details are:

    PD Apr'07 EB2
    I-140 Filed May'07, pending
    I-485 Filed Jul'07

    Please help me with:

    1) Assuming 140 is approved before changing the current job under AC21, what are the things the new firm has to file. Does the new firm have to file 140 again? I presume that labor and 485 stays intact..pl help folks.

    2) I will complete 6 mths of 485 filing in Jan-08. If 140 gets approved around Jan-Feb'08, is there any risk if I change my employer after that under Ac21. Does it hurt if the present firm withdraws 140 after approval?

    Sincere thanks in advance.



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  • jijiewang
    01-24 01:42 AM

    Last year my husband got laid off. At that time he was on H1 visa, 140 approved and 485 pending. He applied and got AP, and then left U.S in March 2009. AP is valid until March 02, 2010.

    Now he wants to get back to U.S. and try his luck finding a job before AP expires.

    My question is what are his chances to be able to get in U.S considering

    1)He has stayed outside of U.S for about 11 months.
    2)He is not employed by any U.S company.



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  • GCard_Dream
    01-26 04:33 PM
    Looks like the long awaited spending bill is finally in the making and should make its way to the congress soon. For those of you who haven't contributed to IV, this should come as a warning that if you don't contribute now, it may just be too late for us to seek any relief in these bills.

    Once this opportunity has passed, we'll be stuck with CIR which everyone knows is a tough pill to swallow for either party in the congress and could drag on for months and may never see the light of the day. So here are the choices:

    1. Contribute now and try to get some relief from these spending bills.

    2. Contribute later and try to get something done with CIR/SKIL.

    3. Never contribute and just watch core members pull their hair trying to figure out why people are not contributing and just hope that GC will fall from sky.

    Whatever you chose to do, please think twice before you make up your mind.



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  • agupta2683
    07-08 03:13 PM

    I'm trying to schedule my visa stamping date in aug /sept time frame in India. In delhi consulate when I click on Indian resident I see the available dates but when I click on Indian citizen residing in US, I see no availability. I'm not sure which option should I choose. I'm a student working on OPT in US. My OPT will expire on Aug 4th and so I will come to India. I'm not sure which of the two options I have to choose while scheduling an interview :

    Resident of India/Bhutan
    Indian Citizen residing in United States.

    I would really appreciate any help in this matter.


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  • tnite
    10-08 11:17 AM
    In our 485 notices, Under the section, it is stated as Unknown. priority date is blank. Please let me know if anyone is facing similar situation and what needs to be done to correct it?

    Please give some input

    I had the same issue.If it makes you feel better call USCIS and put in a service request.They will get back to you in 30 days.


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-25 05:06 PM
    He can have both types of permanent residence pending at the same time - marriage-based and employment-based. This is very common. The marriage-based filing will probably be approved sooner than the other, because priority dates are so backlogged now.

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  • raydon
    10-18 11:07 PM

    That was real good. That person is a living definition of attitude.

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  • jthomas
    06-01 03:08 PM
    Anybody filed your H1 ext yourself? Is it worth it?

    This will be my 12th yr extension. I have the previous extension papers (copies) that the lawyer sent me, so i was thinking i can look at those and draft a new ext myself. But with the latest news of H1 denied for consulting companies, is it worth doing it myself? I have worked for the same client for the last 11 yrs.

    Everybody else would also like to do the same thing. Instead of Paying 3500 dollars to the attorney plus other fees by the employer. I feel its good to do it by yourself. If you have anything wrong USCIS would contact you back and you can reply on those. if it becomes a major thing, then you can hire a attorney.

    I feel someone should post all the steps to file
    1. H1B transfer
    2. EAD
    3. AP
    4. I-485 (As for EB-I it would take a long time)
    5. All other forms

    Its not worth paying the attorneys for such a long time. Let USCIS take the trouble of correcting our errors

    J thomas

    10-02 10:29 AM
    What is your Lawyer's reply to the mess he created?

    08-21 08:18 PM
    I am on H1-B, and about to apply for I140.
    My wife has recently got a F1 visa (and her H4 visa has been left valid).
    I am applying for I140. Is it ok to mention her name on my I140 as my spouse?

    Thanks in advance,


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